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Jubilee, If You Were My Child


Letter to Jubilee

Jubilee, If you were my child I would write you the following letter: 


Dear Jubilee, 

I’m writing this letter to you to let you know how much I appreciate and adore you.  You are a special force in my life and although you were not born of me, you are part of my life and very much like my adopted children.  Four years ago, unexpectedly I inherited and accepted the responsibility to help care and nurture you, not directly, but with the help and guidance of others.  You’re 16 this year and are no longer a child.  Many of your beliefs, habits and traits, wants and needs and personality were learned and developed in the past. And just like my other adopted children, you each have your own.   That, I will not change.  

Just as the others you have needed and depended on the family who inherited you. During your growth, you have been surrounded by many friends and have been taken care of, better than most, with a few hiccups along the way. You have sported the best looks, had the best nourishment, had great surroundings and the best facilities at your disposal. You continue to be a great joy to me and to so many others.  But, just like any other family member, you have established close relationships and camaraderie and yes, even had conflicts within the family, with most of the issues going away and some that won’t.    

But, dear child, as one continues to mature, things change.  Although not yet emancipated, by business standards you are now grown up; you are strong, and a force in the retirement community circle around the country.  And you are well balanced and no longer need to depend on your foster parents for everything. As a member of my family you will share in my inheritance sometime in the future and become the owner of the Villa and common areas, but we still have a ways to go.  With the help of others who care, I will continue to give you personal attention to guide you into full maturity, to make you “the best that you can be” and to be proud of being the premier retirement development in New Mexico.  Please remember one thing child.  You don’t have to be Perfect to be Beautiful for others- and you are Beautiful.  

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