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Holiday Happenings At Jubilee!There are so many things that bring Jubilee home owners together all year long, from backyard barbeques and happy hours to workouts, classes, hikes and day trips. But the holiday season is especially filled with fun, laughter and magical moments… all remembered long after the holidays give way to a new year.


by Janine Sjostrom

When Denver couple Kit Nelson and Michael Madziarek first started their search for an active adult community, they knew they wouldn’t actually make the move for another eight years.  But that gave them plenty of time to look around to find the right community.

Jubilee is proud to have been named one of the top 50 Master Planned Communities in the U.S. by Where to Retire, the nation’s premier publication focused on retirement communities.

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By Janine Sjostrom

Senior Olympics

The Senior Olympics remind us that youth isn’t a prerequisite for a fun-filled, active, fit and competitive lifestyle.

For New Mexicans, that reminder will be underscored at the New Mexico Senior Olympics State Summer Games, which will be held July 19-23 in Albuquerque.

By Janine Sjostrom

Jubilee And Los Lunas… Communities That Work!Situated on the western edge of the Village of Los Lunas, New Mexico, just 20 minutes south of downtown Albuquerque,
Jubilee Los Lunas is a community that works. Why? Because it brings together a picturesque setting, amazing amenities
and beautiful homes to create an incomparable lifestyle for all who choose to live there.

By Janine Sjostrom

Los Lunas is not one of the largest cities in New Mexico. In fact, it’s not a city at all, but rather a village of roughly 15,000 residents. Yet, remarkably, it has attracted one of the world’s largest companies, Facebook, for the construction of its newest data center.

By Janine Sjostrom

BalloonsAs the months pass by and we draw closer and closer to October, it’s impossible to live in New Mexico and not think about the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the world’s largest hot air balloon event.  

One of the most spectacular, colorful, inspiring sights you could ever experience, Balloon Fiesta draws visitors from all over the world for eight magical days every October.

By Janine Sjostrom

Active adult living is more than a buzzword.  It’s become a fun and exciting way of life for many of America’s seniors.   

By Janine Sjostrom

If you’re like me, you have a bucket list - amazing places you want to go, incredible things you want to see, and crazy things you want to experience - like skydiving, climbing all 704 steps of the Eiffel Tower, walking on top of the Great Wall of China, or cooking classes in Tuscany.

Giving thought to my own bucket list recently, it dawned on me that Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s Premier Active Adult Community, is a “bonanza” when it comes to a Boomer’s bucket list!

By Janine Sjostrom

Things were different when I was growing up. Families made meals at home, and ate together. Neighbors knew each other, and looked out for each other. Sunday was a day to attend church, enjoy a family Sunday dinner, and then get together with extended family and friends. It was a time when people collected their thoughts… and shared them in letters. And they actually called each other when they had something important to talk about. Plus, families and friends tended to live within driving distance, and visited frequently.

By Janine Sjostrom

If you and your dog have been cooped up through the winter months… if you’re tired of struggling with a leash while holding an umbrella over your head… or find it expensive to board your dog when you travel, it’s time you discover Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s premier active adult community.

Located just 20 minutes south of Albuquerque, Jubilee is about as pet perfect at it gets, and here are three reasons why.

By Janine Sjostrom

As you plan your retirement home, you may want to give thought to creating a second master. Much depends on your personal situation.

Will you typically have one set of company at a time?  Will most of your guests need only one bedroom?  Where will grandchildren sleep if you have two masters rather than three bedrooms?  Can the office or study serve as an extra bedroom from time to time?

By Janine Sjostrom

Yeah!  It’s time for retirement.  Now what?  Should we sell the house?  Move closer to the kids? Downsize?  Consider a retirement community?


These are just a few of the many things to consider as you face retirement, but are surely some of the bigger decisions you’ll be making.

7 Helpful Ideas to Achieve Success
By Janine Sjostrom

7 Helpful Ideas to Achieve Success

There are so many things to love about living in New Mexico, not the least of which are our beautiful blue skies, noticeable lack of mosquitos, dramatic scenery and mild year-round climate.  And if you’re like most people who choose New Mexico for their retirement, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible.  

By Janine Sjostrom

HeartLove.  What a big subject!  Love between couples.  Love between friends.  Loving things… and the things we do. Loving where we live, and how we live.  Loving life.

By Janine Sjostrom

Many retirement communities offer little or no flexibility in the design and construction of their homes. And even if changes to plans are offered, they are usually “A, B or C” - the builder’s vision rather than yours.  That’s why it’s refreshing to know Jubilee Los Lunas welcomes you to make changes, big and small… changes that are meaningful and important to you.  Our Choices platform enables your dream home to become a reality.

By Janine Sjostrom

More than any other state in the nation, New Mexico knows how to turn up the heat.  We’re not talking about weather.  After all, Albuquerque summer highs, for example, average 15° cooler than the extreme heat one would find in Phoenix.  We’re talking about New Mexico’s most treasured culinary ingredient… the humble, yet highly revered, chile.

By Logan Eubank

Rack‘em up!  Let the match begin!  It’s billiards season at Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s premier active adult community, and competition is in full swing.   Fun for all, the annual Jubilee Billiards Tournament starts in November and runs through April, with our resident pool sharks racking up weekly tournament play, hoping to advance to the semi-finals and finals.

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Staying active is what this adult community is all about. A 20-minute drive north to Albuquerque, Jubilee at Los Lunas is conveniently located to big-city resources and entertainment, yet provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Boomers from all over the country are discovering the lure of New Mexico’s big blue skies and amazing year-round weather, and they’re loving it. Of course, New Mexico’s dramatic scenery, rich history, fabulous cuisine and welcoming people cast their own hypnotic spells. It all adds up to growth at Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s premier active adult community.

Harsh northeast winters and oppressively humid summers finally got the best of Lyn and Betty Carita.  They’ve traded their old New Jersey lifestyle for New Mexico’s blue skies and mild year-round climate.

It’s not that any of us here at Jubilee Los Lunas, New Mexico’s premier retirement community, need an excuse to party. It’s something we do quite well!  We simply find many things to celebrate…many reasons to get together…from backyard barbeques to big events at our luxurious Villa - holidays, football playoffs, Cinco de Mayo, wine parties, anniversaries and so much more.

The brilliance and color of holiday lights coupled with the warmth of traditional luminarias greeted home owners and guests as they approached Jubilee’s luxurious villa during the holidays.  The festive atmosphere continued inside with lights and decorations throughout. 

When it comes to talent, Jubilee’s got it!  Our talent show was a night to remember as homeowners showed off a side of them we don’t always see!